AMMI pasta story is the story of a mother

A mother 6 children, in a difficult time, but with a brave heart. It all started back in 2001, Antoneşti village of Stefan Voda, in a small house and a large family, family Julia and Andrew Malancea.
At that time Bessarabians still learning to adapt independence. Modernization and development of economic restraint in capital, while people from the villages continued to maintain only the fruit of peasant – when you all, you not only money. People in the village worked their lands and cared for households, had bread, meat and eggs, but many other family needed were inaccessible. Even pasta, a common food on the table of Moldovans, a luxury.
Julia knew he expected pension 140 lei, and Andrew was with a salary budget too small 6 children, including 4 students. So he had to look for solutions, Evaluating the resources and take the risk. Their resources were available ingredients in every home, During the idea to produce homemade pasta and noodles. They decided to borrow money to invest in a small car made pasta – one made in Italy. The beginning was adventurous and hard – none of them had experience, They did not know whether to go, They did not know technology or business strategy. But they knew, what is Humanity and the blessing of working honestly. So they started experimenting, to improvise and learn from their mistakes. Part of their house was furnished with shelves of dry pasta. They set up the equipment and started their own business.
At first their business consists in the service of "transformation of ingredients in pasta" – that is, the neighbors, friends and villagers brought their eggs and flour, and Yulia they produce from pasta. Slow, Slowly he walked through the village news, and in nearby localities. Production increased and a larger machine was needed to meet the growing demand.
In the meantime, it gave the stock bath Village, a building that has not been used ever. Andrei and Julia – people with vision, they bought the building with the help of family friends and the involvement of the children they renovated it step by step and turned it into a family business in the community. And today AMMI is a factory with modern Italian equipment, with a team of highly qualified specialists and a wide range of products. Now homemade noodles and AMMI pasta can be found on store shelves across the country. Behold close 20 Years of courage, work and perseverance have turned into a beautiful local brand that has a beautiful picture, history behind a more ambitious future.
AMMI brand mission is to preserve the tradition of producing pasta ingredients of the highest quality and to bring families from Moldova meals tasty and healthy pasta made from eggs, Flour and LOVE.

Ammi is a family owned business that was started in 2001 in the village of Antoneşti by Andrei and Iulia. Currently, Company “Vitarina Prim” offers top quality products, to consumers in R. Moldova.

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